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"He was a human himself, yet he loved the beings called “humans”. One could interpret it as a grandiose case of narcissism, but he never included himself in the “humans” he loved."

It seems like I’ll never see a full Aobajousai vs. Shiratorizawa match…

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Classical music in horror games, though. Nothing freaks me out like a horde of hideous monsters waltzing towards me to the sound of a violin.

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André Gide (via mkikutt)
❝ I do not love men: I love what devours them. ❞
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エヴァ詰め by なみもり
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"Leave everything to me. I’ll protect everyone. I won’t let anyone else be killed."

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Thanks Rhoda!

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Nothing like dragging my sorry ass to the internet and finding that Tokyo Ghoul has updated. Some Nishiki is needed over here.

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tegaki: the end.
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Good Night


Pairing: Joseph Joestar/Caesar Zeppeli
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1384

I haven’t written fanfiction in forever I feel twelve again fuck yeah strap in.

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Noiz, episode #03

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